If you wish to become a member of this community, you need to demonstrate that you have what it takes. Entrance requirements are more strict than what may be expected by design. However, if you pass the initial entrance set of quizzes, the probability is that much greater that you are the type of person who will be able to be part of a long term, integrated and sustainable community.

Some parameters for this community are:

1. Time Zone: EST

2. Language: English (Canadian)

3. Region: Ontario (Central)

4. Climate: Temperate

5. Age Range: 25–64

Additional parameters which may be subject to change are:

6. Highest Education Achieved: Undergraduate/College+

7. Years Work Experience: 3+

Thus, if you can see that you do not immediately fit into these parameters for this actual, potential community, you may still qualify to be part of the extended community through participation in an online group. Please keep in mind that all material is open sourced or licensed via Creative Commons, so that any gains made may be used by others, according to the terms of these licenses.

If you wish to take the initial set of quizzes at this time, you may do so by starting here:

Initial Survey »