Earth Colony 01



The front page of this site now acts more like the cover of a book than that of traditional site. This frees it up from having to perform too many functions.


The pages for this site are placed in the /a directory. This improves security and speed and also separates out the HTML text files from the rest of the site.


Updates, a main reason for the existence of many sites, are placed in the /u directory. This makes this directory visually different from the directories for rest of the site.


The remaining topical directories: who, wha, whn, whe, why, how and wki are represented by a three letter abbreviations, providing a visual cue as to their type.


The Store, the place where items or services may be purchased, is spelled out in full, again providing a cue that its purpose is different from the topical directories.


A wiki is included, as a place to put information that is not yet fully defined. It may be set up to allow for collaborative editing, but for now has a structure that is less formal.


Every site (like a book) has a reason for existence, and information that is about the site, rather than the content for which it was created. This information can be found here.


Acheiving a balanced community requires a balance between freedom and responsibility. This balance is explored in this section. It is tricky, but it is hoped that it can be found.

About This Page

This page is saved as index.html, which means that it is the first file the server looks for. This makes it very fast and robust. In addition, the styling is contained in a file that is minified and stored in the root of the site. It can be referenced by /style.min.css. When the leading slash is present, it references the root of the site. Other pages referencing this file will help to ensure a consistent look throughout the site, even if those pages are generated by different platforms.

After many years of work, it has been determined that a site may be better served by making use of different "engines" for different parts of the site. WordPress (a popular blogging platform) has its own idiosyncracies and may function more securely by placing it in a subdirectory, rather than in the root of the site, and allowing it to handle every page load. In practice putting things in subdirectories is better than allowing important core code to be there.

In addition, a lightweight, three file platform is being trialed to handle delivering the pages of this site (this is in distinction to the posts of a site). These page files can be found at /a. It has been determined that the thinking and mindset is different for pages than it is for posts. A post is more like a fleeting thought. "This happened to me today". Rather, a page is more like a static idea that has more consideration and may include references. It should receive a different treatment.

Finally, in the same vein, a store is different yet. A store is typically used to make what has been developed behind the scenes available to others. It requires a lot of machinery to function (as opposed to a page which is relatively static). If something breaks due to the complicated machinery, we still want the rest of the site to work. Thus, placing the store in its own root directory, emphasizes the fact that its purpose is different than all the rest. It is then placed in /store.