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Welcome to the Community Store.
Your purchase helps further the development of a sustainable community.

Backpack Kit

Backpack Kit

An integrated pack system, with gear.

Storage System

Storage System

Works with the Backpack Kit. A set of footlockers and small lockable bins.

Sleeping Unit

Sleeping Shelter

A bed with a hard shell. Like a solid tent. Can be used indoors.


Micro Cabin

A small cabin with solid 6" walls and at least R20 for use in cold climates.


EC01 Software

Software developed as a result of work on this integrated community model.


EC01 Laptop

A refurbished laptop running a local server with select open-sourced software.


Community in a Box

The entire community software set, integrated, as used to run this site.


The overall goal of the items presented here is to be able to use them together, and to be able to use them independently. It is surprising how much advantage can be gained by having this as an objective. For example, a ladder can be constructed as a single unit. However, by changing the design slightly, it would be possible to design a ladder so that one rung could be purchased at a time, and then slipped into place. There might be some work needed so that the entire ladder would be as strong as it would be if it were a single unit, but this is the picture being presented here.

Although this approach is not widely used, anyone reading this is already a result of this method, applied in a biological fashion. That is, the molecules that construct our cells are each composed of elements. The cells in our bodies are arranged in specific ways to form tissues, nerves, blood vessels, bones and so on. The entire structure (our human body) is then resilient, can repair itself, can react to unique stimuli, can create other living beings like it, and... after its useful life is over, is fully decomposable.

It is this type of thinking that takes the lowly and often underused index.php file and puts it to work... doing what it was designed to do, be an index of the contents of the directory! In fact, left to its own devices, the server automatically generates a listing of its contents. It isn't pretty HTML, but it is functional. This just takes that default a step further and allows common media types (such as jpg, png, mp3 and mp4 files) to be displayed. If they are there and in the correct format, they get displayed. If they aren't, nothing gets displayed. What could be simpler!